Hmmm, That Smells Good

Lockdown, Week 11 in England. My son and his three teenage daughters were arguing amongst themselves about who was the better cook. Each professed themselves as being much better than the other. My daughter-I-law, relishing the idea of a few days’ free from having compete domain of the kitchen, said “Why don’t you all cookContinue reading “Hmmm, That Smells Good”

Through The Looking Glass, Lockdown Style During Covid-19

Early January 2020, my son’s entry on Facebook reads: “Third of January and so far we have had air-strikes on prominent Iranian bases, general further destabilizing in the Middle East, apocalyptic fires in Australia, a potential terrorist stabbing in Paris, ethical veganism now a philosophical belief and the introduction of a fake steak bake byContinue reading “Through The Looking Glass, Lockdown Style During Covid-19”

Oxford, My City of Dreamy Spires

My first memory of this beautiful city was back in 1966. I had taken a train from London, where my future husband was waiting to meet me. He had secured a job in Oxford, having moved down there himself from the north of England. We walked from the train station excitedly chatting and not reallyContinue reading “Oxford, My City of Dreamy Spires”

Introduction to Camino de Santiago, 2013

Two weeks into our ride, we were both exhausted and at that time, pretty disillusioned. I had sent off a quick message to my son, my sister and one of my grandchildren. Only my granddaughter replied: You can’t give up now, you’ve reached your halfway mark. Please don’t give up, you can do this. JustContinue reading “Introduction to Camino de Santiago, 2013”

Day 17 – Arzua to Santiago

Waking up the following morning, we found that our bikes were still locked in the enclosed outhouse so we had to wait until 8.00 before we could get back on the road. Although we would often start off before having had anything to eat, this morning breakfast before leaving seemed like the best solution. SpeciallyContinue reading “Day 17 – Arzua to Santiago”

Day 16 – Portomarin to Arzua

Now the route was becoming pretty crowded the closer to Santiago we got. As we only had 98 kilometers (60 miles) to go before reaching Santiago, this was hardly surprising. The current distance required for a pilgrim to achieve a Compostela is 100 km for walkers, 100 km for those on horseback, and 200 kmContinue reading “Day 16 – Portomarin to Arzua”

Day 15 – Alto do Poio to Portomarin

We had learned to respect the weather in Spain which can change very rapidly and the marked difference between the early morning temperature and that later in the day was striking. Having already ridden in excess of 650 kilometers (404 miles) from our original starting point at Bayenne – we had experienced bitter temperatures (theContinue reading “Day 15 – Alto do Poio to Portomarin”

Day 13 – Santa Catalina de Somoza to Ponferrada

For some time now, we had been slowly climbing, having left the Mesita behind. However, this morning we found the terrain much steeper, and we made a slow pace until we reached Rabanal de Camino. We had to stop here because the albergue has direct links with the Confraternity of St James back in theContinue reading “Day 13 – Santa Catalina de Somoza to Ponferrada”

Day 12 – Leon to Santa Catalina de Somoza

The following morning, we left the monastery while it was still quite dark and rode through sleepy streets to find somewhere we could have a spot of breakfast. We eventually came across a café near the river bank which had just opened, so we were their first customers of the day. We ordered croissants andContinue reading “Day 12 – Leon to Santa Catalina de Somoza”

Day 10 – Fromista to Sahagon

After a blissfully quiet night’s sleep, we set off, riding on an almost traffic free P980, and still running parallel to the walking path. Still on the Meseta the roads were again flattish with precious little between the small villages that dotted this area. Many of them seemed to be almost deserted and certainly noContinue reading “Day 10 – Fromista to Sahagon”

Day 8 – San Juan de Ortega to Burgos

We had managed more than a week’s riding. I couldn’t believe it. When we were both younger, we’d joined our local cycling group in Oxford, England. Apart from the Sunday rides, we’d occasionally head for mainland Europe, in particular France. We have fond memories, but these holidays were never more than seven day’s at aContinue reading “Day 8 – San Juan de Ortega to Burgos”