Hmmm, That Smells Good

Lockdown, Week 11 in England. My son and his three teenage daughters were arguing amongst themselves about who was the better cook. Each professed themselves as being much better than the other. My daughter-I-law, relishing the idea of a few days’ free from having compete domain of the kitchen, said “Why don’t you all cook a meal one night and we’ll see who wins”.

Our 19-year-old granddaughter decided to make vegetable lasagne with salad and garlic bread.

Our 17-year-old granddaughter produced a delicious spicy sausage with vegetables and rice. They almost forgot to take a picture before it was all gone.

Granddaughter three (15-years-old) then presented the family with her slow cooked pulled pork and home-made chips.

Finally, their father couldn’t resist adding bit of spice wit is Katsu Curry.

I wouldn’t mind being presented with any of these dishes, although I do have a particular penchant for my daughter-in-law’s Yorkshire Puddings which always look like they’re trying to escape from the kitchen! Absolutely delicious, especially with gravy drizzled over them.

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