Books I Wish I had Written

They say there is a book in everyone. Well, I have yet to find mine – and it’s not through lack of trying. The second-best thing might to be recommend a few of my favourite choices. 

Implicate Order

By Tracey Domalik

I know Tracey personally and was thrilled when she told me about her venture into the publishing world. The basic idea of her book was taken from her gran’s (my mother) memoirs of a life in London before and during the Second World War. Of course, as the book is a work of fiction, and dabbles with time travel in a very imaginative way, many of the facts given in her gran’s memoirs have been changed. And Tracey has taken what might have been a very normal part of a young girl’s life and turned it into a series of exciting events. There are many twists and turns to keep the reader involved and wanting more as the story closes.

The One Hundred Year Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared

Jonas Jonasson

My son first introduced me to this book. Not his normal choice, I was pleasantly surprised. Originally written in Swedish, this little gem is a must for anybody wanting a light and enjoyable read. Equally enthralling to turn the pages on those cold wintry, rainy days or sunny summer sojourns on the beach.

Sitting quietly in his room in an old people’s home, Allan Karlsson is waiting for a party he doesn’t want to begin. His one-hundredth birthday party to be precise. The Mayor will be there. The press will be there. But, as it turns out, Allan will not …

Lights Out Liverpool

Maureen Lee

This book started me off on a long journey through a small part of the history experienced by so many women living through the Second World War. It was my first introduction into the many books that Maureen Lee has written on Liverpool during the Second World War. It centres around the families left behind by their men folk who were off fighting. Then later the terrible bombing the area endured, often for days on end, as Liverpool was home to some very strategic Docks. You cannot help but be touched by the determination of the families to stand up to the hardship and heartbreak with courage and humour.

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