About Us

After spending eleven of our married years in Africa, we arrived back home in the UK with three young children. That was back in the 1980s and things were far from ideal so, because we couldn’t afford to buy a car we invested in bikes – five bikes.

And we’ve never looked back. We used those bikes to get everywhere, work, school, shops and so much more. After some years we even joined the local cycle touring club (CTC in those days, it is now known as Cycling UK).

Often our youngest would join us on Sunday rides. When he was 15 however, he like his older brother and sister, decided that he found the rides too “boring”. I guess he had outgrown us.

Now grandparents and happily retired, we still get out on our bike, with annual rides reverting to week-long trips to Europe, mainly France. We go alone these days and never plan ahead. We love the spontaneity this gives us.